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Why Connectivity Matters

We live in a digital age. It’s no longer enough for a property owner to simply provide an internet connection for its tenants. Commercial tenants have ever-growing connectivity needs, and if a building doesn't meet their standards, they'll go somewhere else.


Attract Tenants

Connectivity is more than a perk - it's a necessity.

Wired Certification assures potential tenants that they won’t lose productivity to an unreliable internet connection.


Increase Property Value

Connected properties are valuable properties.

Flaunt your building's connectivity with Wired Certification.


Retain Tenants

Don't lose tenants to better-connected properties.

WiredScore will provide you with specific tips for improvement so your properties can stay on the bleeding edge of connectivity.

Wired Certification Levels



Best in class connectivity



Redundant, diverse internet connectivity



Meets needs of most commercial tenants


Meets minimum standards

What makes a Wired Certified building?

A Trusted Partner

Wired Certification is a set of standards developed by a Mayor Bloomberg-appointed advisory board to rate the connectivity levels of commercial office buildings.

Using several metrics, including connectivity quality, infrastructure, and readiness, WiredScore provides property owners with official certification and information about how to improve their connectivity levels.

Our Clients:

Brokers and tenants rely on WiredScore because we provide them with critical information about the connectivity of buildings. And landlords choose us because we can help them market high-quality broadband to their tenants and help them improve their overall connectivity.

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