• Certifications

My building is fully leased, do I still need a WiredScore certification?

Congratulations on having a fully leased building! Ensure your tenants will re-sign at the end of their lease by demonstrating your commitment to investing in their current and future needs. WiredScore certification helps landlords promote great digital connectivity and identify ways to make improvements for the future.

What if my building doesn’t qualify for certification?

We will walk you through a set of questions to help you figure out a preliminary certification level. If your building doesn’t qualify you will receive a detailed roadmap that will help you make the improvements your building needs.

Isn’t this something my riser management company does already?

We work side by side with many riser management companies, who work hard to make sure your building’s telecom offering is best-in-class. WiredScore certification is the outward-facing, international standard that helps properly showcase this work and make it easily

Can WiredScore help advise us on which ISPs would be best for our building and tenants?

Yes, we have deep relationships within the telecommunications community, and can connect you with the internet service providers and IT experts that best suit your building.

When is the best time to get certified?

As early in the process as you can to enable your team to utilise your certification while pre-leasing. We engage with teams in every stage of the development process, from pre-schematics design to occupation.

We can issue your certification based on the plans for the building, without needing to wait for construction to begin. Engaging with us earlier will provide as much advanced notice as possible to make desired design improvements, which can save money. It’s never too early to start engaging with WiredScore.

What happens if we make improvements after the certification is finalised?

Keep our team informed about any building improvements that could enhance the connectivity infrastructure in your building. We’ll review the updates and adjust your WiredScore certification if you have qualified for a higher level at no cost.