Evolving the WiredScore identity

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1 / 19 / 2021


For over seven years WiredScore has been demystifying the complex world of technology in buildings. Now more than six million people around the world live and work in buildings certified by WiredScore and we are delighted to say that hundreds of the world’s most forward-looking landlords look to the WiredScore symbol as a mark they can trust.

As WiredScore grows and evolves, so too must our brand. That’s why we are excited to announce a new brand that marks the next step in our journey: a clear, simplified product design system that not only signifies our leadership in technology in the built environment but also enables our clients to communicate proudly their own investment in their buildings. 

This new brand endeavours to achieve three key things:

  • The first is to simplify our product naming structure and streamline how our community can refer to their certifications.

  • The second is to create a brand system that can clearly signify our evolving product offering to our ecosystem, something we do with the invention of our Certification Crown mark.

  • The third is to elevate the buildings that have achieved WiredScore certification through our brand, something you’ll see through our new plaques and awards.

The WiredScore logo and wordmark. Clean, modern and forward-looking, the WiredScore logo features geometric letter-forms paired with sharp, defined angles as a nod to our digital heritage.

The WiredScore icon, known affectionately internally as the Certification Crown. The icon is used to reference WiredScore and SmartScore certifications, as well as technicians and professionals who carry out the inspections.

The icon is comprised of three core symbols: the built environment, technology and certification:

Implementation: The WiredScore master brand

Implementation of SmartScore

Making the world’s buildings smarter and better connected is our mission, enabling a more collaborative, innovative and dynamic future. An important part of that is helping our clients best deploy the WiredScore brand. Our new range of plaques and branded materials work harder for our clients. 

The WiredScore certification plaques

The SmartScore certification plaques

As WiredScore moves forward creating new products and services, we hope this work will continue to signify our commitment to our mission whilst acting as a mark all can trust within the real estate industry – wherever new technology takes us.

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