The Best Ways to Promote WiredScore Certification

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3 / 20 / 2020


Think of the core benefits of WiredScore Certification in two categories: First, a blueprint to guide your asset to being best-in-class when it comes to tech and connectivity. Second, as the only marketing tool of its kind to clearly communicate technological superiority to potential tenants and the marketplace, at large.

You can read more about the first point here. But what about leveraging WiredScore Certification as a marketing tool? While getting the word out about your WiredScore Certification has no bearing on the score itself, your branding efforts are extremely important when it comes to attracting tenants. Here are ways to promote WiredScore Certification that will position your asset as tech-forward and attract the modern tenants which require top connectivity.

What WiredScore will do for you

Something that will require no lift from your team is placement on WiredScore’s search platform, as well as sending your WiredScore Certification’s information to our partners throughout the commercial real estate industry. This data is distributed to third parties such as JLL, CBRE, and VTS so brokers and the commercial real estate community at large will know which properties meet the stringent qualifications for WiredScore Certification.

WiredScore will do this automatically with no actions needed from our clients and the results can be fantastic. For example, New York City-based Jones Trading placed a heavy emphasis on connectivity speeds, resiliency, and redundancy in its office search. Because of this, Jones Trading told its JLL broker to only target WiredScore Certified buildings, and the tenant signed at 757 Third Avenue, a WiredScore Certified Platinum property.

By having a direct relationship with the brokerage community and their firms, WiredScore positions its clients’ assets at the forefront of deals.

In addition to these connections, WiredScore also will provide your leasing team with marketing materials that they can distribute to prospects. This will provide clarity on what WiredScore Certification is and what it means for tenants.

How you can promote WiredScore Certification

There are some simple ways to promote WiredScore Certification that are made even easier with the aid of WiredScore’s Customer Success Team.

1.Update your website and leasing materials. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will provide you with graphics such as the WiredScore Certification seal and WiredScore logo.

2.Use external media such as a press release, e-blast or social media post. WiredScore’s team can help with posts for social platforms like Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

3.Put a WiredScore Certification plaque, decal, or any sort of signage on your building. WiredScore has trusted vendors that your CSM can connect you with to produce a finished product like the one below. Clients can also put images/graphics on lobby and elevator screens to ensure all tenants, guests and visitors are aware of the building’s best-in-class tech achievement.


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