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Brokers and tenants rely on WiredScore because we provide them with critical information about the connectivity of buildings. Landlords choose us because we can help them market high-quality broadband to their tenants and help them improve their overall connectivity.

Why Connectivity Matters

We live in a digital age. It’s no longer enough for a property owner to simply provide an internet connection for its tenants. Commercial tenants have ever-growing connectivity needs, and if a building doesn't meet their standards, they'll go somewhere else.


Attract Tenants

Connectivity is more than a perk - it's a necessity.

Wired Certification assures potential tenants that they won’t lose productivity to an unreliable internet connection.


Increase Property Value

Connected properties are valuable properties.

Flaunt your building's connectivity with Wired Certification.


Retain Tenants

Don't lose tenants to better-connected properties.

WiredScore will provide you with specific tips for improvement so your properties can stay on the bleeding edge of connectivity.

There Are 5 Types of Office Buildings

Wired Certified buildings can be trusted to provide superior internet connectivity.

Non-Certified buildings may not have the connectivity that businesses need.

What makes a Wired Certified building?

Types of Wired Certification

Wired Certification applies to projects in various phases of development

Developments & Redevelopments

New construction projects and redevelopments are tremendous opportunities to plan for and implement the best possible connectivity infrastructure. Wired Certification for Developments & Redevelopments analyzes the connectivity potential and infrastructure of projects.

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Developments & Redevelopments

Occupied Buildings

As telecom requirements for occupiers increase in sophistication, the responsibility of property owners to provide for best-in-class connectivity has never been greater. Wired Certification for Occupied Buildings evaluates quality, choice, redundancy, and resiliency of internet connectivity for a given property.

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Occupied Buildings