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Ahmed Labeeb

Locations:UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Portugal
Accreditations:WiredScore AP Office Occupied, SmartScore AP Office

Ahmed Labeeb, KEO’s Sustainability Energy Manager, has provided leading energy and carbon-related services to various sectors within the MENA region and, within KEO, he is leading a team of energy and carbon modelling experts. Over the past ten years, he was responsible for the energy reduction and carbon management of projects, including Healthcare, Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, and other Special Applications sectors. The scale of projects ranging from small-size buildings to mega-developments, and the certification requirements that have been followed in energy efficiency included both local and international standards. Mr. Labeeb has acquired substantial industrial experience that allows him to have a comprehensive view and knowledge of the challenges and conditions present and associated with carbon management strategies. His experience is particularly valuable as it adheres to the green transitions and low-energy buildings approach, which is both a global trend and an ethical duty towards the environment.

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