What is the certification process?

Step 1: Choose your certification(s), WiredScore or SmartScore, or both.

Step 2: Get in touch with WiredScore directly and find an Accredited Professional (AP) from our directory.

Step 3: Depending on whether you’re submitting an occupied building or a new development for certification, we will audit your building(s), or the designs, to understand the digital connectivity and/or smart technology infrastructure fully. You can find out what’s covered in our scorecards here.

Step 4: You will be given feedback on improvements you can make to achieve the technology-enabled outcomes you want to deliver to your building occupiers. If you are pursuing SmartScore certification, our Accredited Solutions can help you choose the right technology solution providers.

Step 5: Once the improvements have been made and checked, congratulations! You will be certified and can start promoting your building or development.

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