Why do occupiers care about WiredScore and SmartScore certification?

Today’s occupiers expect more from the experience their offices and homes deliver. They demand high-speed and reliable digital connectivity and experiential and sustainable outcomes. The WiredScore and SmartScore certifications provide a design framework that enables landlords and developers to understand how the digital connectivity and smart technology choices they make will enable them to meet the expectations of occupiers.

WiredScore certification signals to occupiers that a building has reliable digital connectivity to keep them online, always, and support them with practices such as hybrid working.

SmartScore certification signals to occupiers that a building has smart technology in situ that can reduce the building’s whole-life carbon footprint, enhance the in-office experience and remain resilient to changing technology, cyber threats, and evolving expectations.

Learn more about how a certification from WiredScore appeals to occupiers by reading our research, or contact our team today.

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