• United States

Matt White

Locations:United States
Accreditations:WiredScore AP Office Development, WiredScore AP Office Occupied, SmartScore AP Office

Leading agnostic smart building consulting efforts to bring innovation and solve challenges in the built environment. Provide education and advisement to customers on how to architect intelligent building technologies and practices to successfully operate and manage commercial real estate. Oversee the entire delivery stream from vision and master planning to design, integration, roll-out, commissioning and ongoing sustainment. The result is a complete business practice, enabled by technology to meet customer goals and deliver long-term value. 20+ years in building technology and construction, from actual contracting to running a team of software & network test engineers, followed by 15+ years of technical project execution. Over that time have personally designed, programmed, integrated, and supported integrated building systems on a global scale. Enjoy teaching and guiding teams through best practices, lessons learned and new discoveries.

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