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ever-changing digital world. So that the renters of today can live in homes that are ready for tomorrow

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Who we are and what we do

WiredScore is the internationally-recognised connectivity rating scheme for real estate. We help landlords navigate the complicated world of in-building technology and future-proof their properties, by providing the world's only certification for digital infrastructure and connectivity.

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Homes (and priorities) are changing

The modern home is a dynamic space. It's often a launchpad for business, a theatre for film nights and a space to game and learn. And as homes change, so do renters' expectations...

Connectivity is more than a luxury

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85% of renters experience issues with their internet regularly.

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6 in 10 landlords report better connectivity allows higher rents.

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Renters pay an additional £183 a year in mobile data supporting WiFi breakdowns.

Opinium Report 2019

Reporting on the value of connectivity

Poor foundations: The UK home connectivity crisis? (May 2019)


The Digital Premium: The Irish Home Connectivity Report (Feb 2020)


What today’s renters deserve

Connectivity is not only something people look for in a property. It’s fast becoming a need they’re prepared to demand.

So they can live, work and play seamlessly, in a home that’s as connected as they are.

The benefits to landlords


We ensure a building’s digital infrastructure is futureproofed and ready for tomorrow’s renters’ needs.

Asset management

We enable landlords to be proactive in identifying, rectifying and monitoring connectivity issues, reducing future expenses and tenant complaints.


Being certified by WiredScore gives you credibility as a tech-focused brand with a commitment to high standards and an understanding of renters’ new priorities.


We help landlords translate the quality of their digital infrastructure and services into language that renters can understand and relate to.

What do
we certify?

Master planning

The overall plan for connecting the internet, TV and mobile to the building, including robustness, reliability and contingency planning.


How the infrastructure of the building - and its apartments - supports digital connectivity. Its capacity and flexibility to support future technology.


The quality, range and flexibility of services on offer to renters. For example, how quickly can residents install broadband and is WiFi available in common areas?

Performance & Innovation

Assessing the management’s monitoring of and response to connectivity issues. Recognizing and rewarding innovations that improve the digital experience.

Certification levels

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