WiredScore Smart

The future is smart.

WiredScore has been measuring, monitoring and reporting on digital connectivity for over seven years. In that time the real estate industry has been radically transformed by the adoption of technology both in and around its buildings. Our mission is to make the world’s buildings better connected, enabling a more collaborative, innovative and dynamic future and it’s imperative that we now turn our attention to smart buildings.

The future is smart, and smart buildings can help landlords deliver both inspirational experience to the users of the building whilst achieving operational efficiency. The value in a smart building is within its adaptability, creating spaces that can be used by the widest range of tenants and adapting to their rapidly evolving needs, maintaining continuous relevancy.

WiredScore is on track to release the world’s first global smart building certification. We are delighted to announce that we have formed a council consisting of the world’s most advanced landlords, developers and businesses to define a global standard for smart buildings and build a certification to serve both the owners and users of buildings.

The WiredScore Smart Council

The WiredScore Smart Council has been set up to provide clarity, leadership and guidance on what constitutes a smart building in this ever-evolving world. We’ve invited some of the world’s leading landlords, developers and businesses to work with us to establish clear criteria and standards that properties must meet to be certified smart. The council will meet regularly to discuss and share industry-wide insights that will help shape WiredScore’s global smart building certification.

Jesse Carrillo, SVP & Chief Information Officer, Hines
"Smart technologies have existed for years, however, recently we have noticed a significant increase in newer smart technologies being brought to market, promoting everything from improved access control to climate control to health and wellness, whereas none of the existing technologies available had a strong enough use case for us to more broadly deploy them, these newer ones could change that. We know the future is smart, yet there has been a lack of clarity on how these technologies help us and our tenants. Which is why we were delighted to be invited by WiredScore to partake in their Smart Council. The council gives us a platform to discuss what smart means to our industry and allows us to support the shaping of the meaning of smart."
John J. Gilbert, COO/EVP, Rudin Management Company
"Rudin Management Company is delighted to take part in the WiredScore Smart Council. Rudin is one of the industry leaders in using advanced technology in order to meet the evolving needs of workers, residents, and visitors to our buildings, and we are proud to partner with WiredScore to deliver the world's first global standard for Smart tech in real estate. Landlords and tenants alike will benefit greatly from increased transparency and alignment around what Smart means and how to achieve it, and WiredScore is well positioned to lead the charge."
Sandra Gritti, Product Excellence Director at EDGE
"We are proud to be part of the WiredScore Smart Council, as one of the global front runners in the development of smart offices it is great to join a like-minded council of innovators. The exchange of knowledge has always been our ambition. We look forward to contributing to a common understanding of what constitutes a smart building, how it can increase the performance of assets, the wellbeing of its users and create a more sustainable building stock. This initiative of WiredScore has the potential to be a great guide for the digitalization of our industry."