SmartScore and the BCA Green Mark Intelligence Section: working together towards a sustainable future for CRE in Singapore


2 / 13 / 2023


WiredScore is proud to announce its new, industry-leading alignment with the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark certification scheme.

By forming this collaboration, landlords and developers will be able to seek dual acknowledgement from both rating systems. This is applicable for all projects that apply for the Green Mark certification after 31 May 2023.

The built environment is responsible for 40% of the global carbon emissions, a statistic which both the SmartScore and Green Mark certifications are looking to improve. The BCA strives to improve Singapore’s living environment, and is championing its development by overseeing areas such as safety, quality, productivity and sustainability.

In order to achieve high standards of sustainability, stakeholders can, and should, turn to technology for answers. This is where WiredScore’s SmartScore certification shares a crucial goal with the BCA Green Mark 2021 Intelligence Section. They are both dedicated to supporting the development of buildings that prioritize enhanced building performance using smart technologies.

Using the alignment

The synergy between these two certifications allows for multiple points of alignment, as the criteria for one compliments the other. This means that:

  • Any building that has achieved the Green Mark 2021 In. badge will be awarded two credits within the Innovation section of the SmartScore certification.
  • Any building that scores SmartScore Gold or SmartScore Platinum will be awarded one and two points respectively towards their Green Mark 2021 In. Section.

Projects pursuing either or both certifications should continue to submit documentation through the regular certification process for each system.

Design teams who use this alignment effectively can create user-centric buildings which benefit from integrated smart technologies. This helps to deliver an excellent user experience, drive cost-efficiency and ensure the buildings are truly future-ready.

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Take a look at the full SmartScore and BCA Green Mark 2021 Intelligence Section alignment.

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