WiredScore and the U.S. Green Building Council join forces to improve building sustainability


11 / 22 / 2023


Recognizing the strong, mutually beneficial links between SmartScore and LEED certifications, WiredScore and USGBC have created an industry-leading, innovative alignment to help developers and landlords improve building sustainability across the board.

The built environment is responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions. The industry has a moral imperative to take a lead in combating climate change. Technology can (and should) play a significant part in enabling buildings to meet high standards of sustainability, whilst delivering an exceptional user experience, driving cost efficiency, and supporting future-proofing.

The buildings of today need to deliver it all – that’s a non-negotiable. For real estate to remain relevant, competitive and future proofed, meeting and sustaining high sustainability credentials is absolutely key. So, it’s imperative that the built world and the technological world converge with seamless efficiency, combining innovative building design, or resourceful retrofits, with the right technology that reports, monitors, and improves the building throughout its entire lifecycle.

Responding to the convergence of sustainability and smart, WiredScore and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) have joined forces to introduce the SmartScore certification v2 and LEED v4 alignment. WiredScore and the USGBC recognise that smart, digital strategies provide the foundation for the next generation of green buildings, making the crosswalk more relevant and timely than ever.

Alignments allow landlords/developers to identify synergies between specific criteria in building standards. The benefit here is that aspects of one certification will complement aspects of another, streamlining the delivery of a project and enhancing its ability to strive for both certifications simultaneously.

The alignment between LEED and SmartScore proves that both the USGBC and WiredScore are committed to supporting the development of buildings that prioritize enhanced building performance and high standards of sustainability, to ensure a better built environment for today’s users, and tomorrow’s world.

Contact us if you have an enquiry about the alignment between SmartScore certification v1 and LEED v4.

Using the alignment:

Integrated design requires significant cross-skill collaboration between teams, including engineers, architects and technologists. The SmartScore and LEED alignment offers guidance to project teams pursuing both certifications on projects, enabling optimized project delivery. The SmartScore and LEED alignment provides guidance on which criteria are similar in intent between the two certifications. It’s important to note that project teams will have to submit evidence to both WiredScore and the USGBC.

The alignment that unites both WiredScore and the USGBC encourages and rewards real estate’s adoption of smart, sustainable buildings – helping to decarbonise the built world, whilst providing users with better spaces that deliver an inspirational experience in a manner that is secure, cost effect, sustainable and future-proofed.

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Take a look at the SmartScore certification v2 and LEED v4 alignment overview.

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