SmartScore and WELL align


1 / 25 / 2022


For more information, see the SmartScore/WELL alignment factsheet.

WiredScore announces an all-new alignment between its SmartScore certification and WELL Certification.

WiredScore is excited to announce an alignment between its SmartScore certification and the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™)’s WELL Certification (WELL™). In joining forces to achieve this alignment, both WiredScore and the IWBI™ prove a commitment to building better for the future, taking the first steps together in what’s set to be a long and healthy collaboration.

WELL and SmartScore certifications share one very important goal: supporting enhanced human health, wellbeing and performance within the built environment using digital technologies. By creating an alignment, both certifications work together to enhance projects striving to achieve that shared goal.

This collaboration proves that both the IWBI™ and WiredScore are committed to supporting the development of buildings that prioritize enhanced building performance and high standards of sustainability, as well as ensuring that occupant health and wellbeing sits atop the agenda.

By identifying synergies between specific criteria in building standards, alignments allow landlords/developers to seek dual acknowledgement from more than one rating system. The big benefit here is that aspects of one certification will complement aspects of another, streamlining the delivery of a project and enhancing its ability to strive for both certifications simultaneously.

Why was the alignment introduced?

Data-driven technologies enable healthy spaces. At the same time, the implementation of technology that optimizes any building needs to be managed in a way that protects the privacy of the occupant whilst being implemented and managed in a cyber secure way.

By introducing the alignment, WiredScore and IWBI are able to provide guidance on the adoption of technologies that are crucial in the design and management of healthy buildings, helping to create a built world that better serves the users of the space.

How should a building design team utilize the alignment?

Design teams can use the alignment to enhance integrated strategies that create healthy, wellness-oriented indoor environments that leverage digital technologies whilst protecting occupant rights in a cyber-secure manner.

Aspects of both the SmartScore scorecard and the WELL scorecard share the same intent and enhance one another – developers and building design teams can benefit from the shared goal and similarities between the two certifications, making for a more efficient process when it comes to striving for both certifications simultaneously and, ultimately, create a building that’s wholly user centric.

Looking for more?

For more information on the alignment, take a look at the SmartScore/WELL alignment factsheet.

View the fact sheet.
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