Digitizing today’s real estate for tomorrow’s workforce: A WiredScore report


11 / 22 / 2022


There is no denying Hong Kong has seen a huge amount of change over the past few years. A period of social unrest and the impact of a global pandemic resulted in levels of uncertainty not seen for some time.

This, in turn, has had a significant impact on the commercial real
estate sector. Hong Kong landlords have struggled to retain
tenants amidst a perfect storm of an exodus of talent, both local
and international, corporate decisions to relocate sections of
their workforce, and the shift to a digitally-led, hybrid way of
working. All of this has occurred against a backdrop of global
trends which are redefining the industry: ESG+R, a greater focus
on health and wellbeing, and an increasing appetite for
technologically-enhanced working. The result? A flight to quality
real estate.

Yet for landlords willing to sit up and listen, there are certainly
brighter days to come. WiredScore spoke to 100 leading
occupiers in Hong Kong to discover how landlords can best
stand out in a crowd competing for tenants and, more broadly,
how the real estate sector as a whole can deliver workplaces fit
for the future, a future in which technology trumps all.

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