Investing in the future – Exploring the cost of technical obsolescence: A WiredScore report


3 / 28 / 2023


Real estate investors in APAC see the value of embracing technology to protect the future returns of their investments.

The worlds of technology and real estate are constantly evolving. Recent global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic have made this even clearer, meaning that ensuring the resilience of an investment is more important to investors than ever.

Real estate investors cannot afford to risk the technical obsolescence of their assets. In fact, 58% of them would not invest in a building that does not have high quality digital infrastructure in place. Coupled with this, 43% would not invest in a building that lacks smart technology.

Landlords and developers must react accordingly in order to secure investment both now and in the future. This commitment can be demonstrated by achieving recognized certifications. In fact, 95% of investors believe it’s important for buildings to have a certification proving they’re taking steps to protect and improve a building’s resilience.

And that’s just the start…

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