Is a smart building a sustainable building?


7 / 7 / 2022


Smart and sustainability are often mentioned in the same breath, but are all smart buildings sustainable?

… In short, no. However smart technology can elevate a building to sustainable greatness.

By harnessing the power of smart, we can create a built world that protects the natural world. Smart tech facilitates the measurement, optimization, and ultimate enhancement of a building’s sustainable potential. Reducing energy consumption by allowing the building to learn the habits and demands of its inhabitants unlocks a building’s energy saving capabilities.

The best way to create, deliver and operate as sustainably as possible is through embracing what smart technology can deliver.

WiredScore defines a smart building as “one that delivers outstanding outcomes for all users, through digital technology, to exceed their evolving expectations.” A smart building must be: sustainable, cost-efficient, future-proofed and able to provide an inspirational experience.

WiredScore recently teamed up with Cushman & Wakefield to co-create Is a smart building a sustainable building? – a piece of research that digs into the sustainability element of the smart criteria, providing a snapshot look at the ways in which the built world can maximize the opportunities that smart technology presents.

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