In with the old: How technology is redefining retrofitting


5 / 2 / 2023


The way we live and work is constantly evolving but our existing real estate is here to stay. In fact, 80% of buildings that will exist in 2050 are already built. So, how can we ensure that they are up to the task?

Constantly building new developments to meet evolving needs and expectations is not sustainable. Therefore, we cannot afford to allow our existing infrastructure to fall behind.

WiredScore’s CEO and Founder, Arie Barendrecht, knows that there’s “a global imperative to improve the buildings we already have and… we only have one truly viable lever to pull: retrofitting our buildings with technology.”

Retrofitting is not a new concept, but it’s an essential one. WiredScore spoke to leading voices in the real estate sector to understand why they chose to retrofit, what that process looked like, where they see it going, and more.

Hear more about how companies such as PATRIZIA, Tribeca Investment Group and Crown Realty Partners are bringing heritage buildings into the modern day, as well as gain insights from industry experts from the likes of CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield and Colliers.


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