The office in 2028 – a smarter way to work: A WiredScore report


2 / 8 / 2023


The front cover and inside spread of WiredScore's research report.

The expectations occupiers have for their offices is constantly evolving and commercial real estate needs to keep up.

This has become increasingly clear over recent years in the face of significant global challenges. WiredScore spoke to 1,000 real estate decision makers across North America to determine what they, and their employees, are looking for in an office space in the next five years.

With working from home becoming an increasingly preferred option, office spaces need to ensure they can compete. We discovered that 80% of respondents believe that employees would be more likely to make use of an office that has embraced smart technology. By acting on this, businesses can also increase worker productivity. 75% of those surveyed believe that individuals are more productive when working in the office, demonstrating the importance of optimizing the space. A move towards smart technology does not just benefit the tenant. 91% of decision makers would consider paying 4.5% more to work in a smart-enabled office, a priority that has moved up the list since the pandemic.

And that’s not all…

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