A WiredScore Report: Smart Buildings


4 / 13 / 2021


The role of the office in a post-pandemic world

Sustainable, future-proof and connected. The office beyond 2021

What the future of work looks like may have been an ongoing discussion for many years, but the events of the past year massively accelerated its implementation. Now, as life tentatively starts to open up, employers need to entice workforces back to the offices by offering great, sociable and collaborative spaces that offer better experiences than they can get at home.

The pandemic has also changed tenant workplace priorities. This change in occupier demand will open up a two-way dialogue between the landlord and occupier, outlining new expectations and deliverables, falling into three main three key trends:

  1. Tech enabled spaces – After a year at home surrounded by all the conveniences of personal technology and an accelerated and significantly increased reliance on digital services, 80% of employees say that it is important for them to work in a technologically advanced office. What’s more, 26% expect their office to have the latest in cutting-edge technology in place.
  2. Enabling collaboration and community – Culture is a top priority for 33% of employees when going back to the office, with many excited to take advantage of their building’s community and services.
  3. The sustainability factor – 63% of respondents said that working in an environmentally sustainable office is very important to them, with 18% going so far as to state they would not work in a building that was not sustainable and would even take a pay-cut if needed to move to a company operating from one.

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