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Identify great connectivity features you aren't marketing, lease faster, differentiate your building from the competition and increase asset value.

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Why get certified?

Internet connectivity is important to your tenants. Increasingly, businesses depend on reliable internet to thrive and grow. That's why WiredScore certification is so valuable. WiredScore certification not only helps tenants find office space that will fit their current and future connectivity needs, it also enables commercial real estate landlords to identify marketable connectivity features to promote best-in-class building connectivity.

Get WiredScore certified

Lease faster and reduce vacancy rates

Help tenants make faster leasing decisions by providing all the connectivity information they need. Arm your agents with easy to understand digital connectivity fact sheets that outline the answers to all the questions tenants have about your building's technology infrastructure.

Understand your building’s connectivity infrastructure

Identify marketable connectivity features and discover simple, low-cost tech improvements to future-proof your building. We will work with you to identify great digital connectivity features you didn’t realise your building had and increase the quality of your building's connectivity.

Differentiate your building from the competition

Set your building aside from the rest. Attract new tenants and retain existing ones by showcasing your building’s superior digital connectivity.

Safeguard your asset from obsolescence

Give comfort to your investors and lenders by safeguarding your asset from obsolescence, both physical and financial. All tenants rely on and value connectivity, and will increasingly do so. By future-proofing your assets in this respect you can secure and drive value, whilst mitigating your financial exposure.

What is the process for getting a building WiredScore certified?

Getting a building WiredScore certified is a straightforward 3 step process and once achieved, a building’s WiredScore certification is valid for 2 years. Start by getting in touch with us to set up a meeting and we will walk you through the process.

Connect with us:

Give us a call or send us an email. We will then tell you about our scorecard and address any questions you may have about qualification criteria or the process for certification.

Coordinate a site visit:

We’ll conduct an on-site assessment of your building’s connectivity and provide a detailed report on its current state. The report will highlight your building’s marketable assets as well as identify any opportunities for improvement. You’ll know just where you stand. If you want to make upgrades to increase your rating, we will meet with you to provide a roadmap for achieving your desired WiredScore certification level.

Promote WiredScore certification:

Once a WiredScore certification level has been achieved, you can promote your building's best-in-class internet connectivity. Your dedicated Client Success Manager will work with you to ensure your leasing and marketing teams are getting the most out of your custom collateral. You can also integrate your WiredScore certification seal and message across all building marketing and PR channels.

There are 5 types of office buildings

Wired Certified buildings can be trusted to provide superior internet connectivity to commercial real estate tenants. Buildings that are not Wired Certified may not have the internet connectivity that tenants require for their business to thrive.






Still got questions? Let us help you...

When is the best time to get certified?

As early in the process as you can to enable your team to utilise your certification while pre-leasing. We engage with teams in every stage of the development process, from pre-schematics design to occupation. We can issue your certification based…

What happens if we make improvements after the certification is finalised?

Keep our team informed about any building improvements that could enhance the connectivity infrastructure in your building. We’ll review the updates and adjust your WiredScore certification if you have qualified for a higher level at no cost.