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Salesforce Tower

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Chicago – a city built upon ambition and dreams and structured around the waterways of the Chicago River, emerges as one of the best-connected cities in the United States.

Born on the banks of the Chicago River the city of Chicago stands proud, bustling with life and teeming with opportunity. And now, Chicago has another string to add to its bow as it emerges as one of the best-connected cities in the world.

Chicagoans have always found revolutionary ways to connect. Historically, the tri-pronged river that flows through the heart of the city brought people together. Now, there’s more than the waterways keeping the people of the city interlinked: exceptional levels of internet connectivity set Chicago apart as the place to be, the place to do business and the place to connect.

The beating heart of any burgeoning business capital has to be connectivity. We all know that Wi-Fi is essential for any business to survive, and good connectivity isn’t just a bonus, it’s an everyday essential. Which is why WiredScore is proud to have worked with Hines to ensure that Salesforce Tower sits as one of the most digitally-capable and well-connected buildings in Chicago, and the World.

Touted as the crowning jewel in Chicago’s trophy tower cabinet, Salesforce Tower is a building impeccably designed to cater to the connectivity needs and digital demands of the modern age. In achieving Platinum against WiredScore’s stringent scorecard for certifications, Salesforce Tower represents all that it means to do business in Chicago today.

So, what does it mean to be a certified WiredScore Platinum building?

It means that WiredScore has worked with Hines to analyze and optimize the digital infrastructure to ensure that Salesforce Tower delivers exceptional levels of internet connectivity, and is best-placed to serve the digital demands of the tech leaders of today to empower them to blaze new trails and form the business opportunities of tomorrow.

Together, Hines and WiredScore embody WiredScore’s global mission: to make the world’s building’s smarter and better connected, to enable a more collaborative, innovative and dynamic future.

Salesforce Tower is a beacon of hope in regards to the digital future of the commercial landscape. Landmark buildings shape the ways businesses, cities and the world connect – better-connected buildings build better-connected cities, creating an ever-expanding connected, global community.

Arie Barendrecht

Founder and CEO, WiredScore

The future of the connectivity landscape rests in the hands of the developers of today. Bringing people, businesses, buildings and cities together through the power of connectivity will ultimately make for premium levels of connectivity and digital opportunity on a global scale.

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