What do I need to do to get certified by WiredScore?


1 / 28 / 2020


To some, the idea of certifying their building is daunting.

Fears of drawn-out timelines, unanswered follow-ups and frantic calls from building managers dance in the heads of asset managers.

While this may have been an experience of yours in the past, it’s a common misconception when it comes to WiredScore’s certification process. The entire route to become certified was designed with the client in mind, learning from the aspects of other certification processes that may cause those aforementioned headaches.

So, what is asked of your team to be certified by WiredScore? In short, not much.

Kicking things off

Once the papers are signed, there are three key meetings that are held to convey crucial information efficiently.

The first of these three is a kick-off meeting with your dedicated WiredScore Client Success Manager to explain the certification process, schedule the on-site building assessment with WiredScore engineers, and align on an execution plan that works best for your team. It’s important to know that this review is minimally invasive to your occupiers. Our team will survey the building’s tech infrastructure with a building manager or comparable member of the property team for 2-3 hours. The WiredScore engineer will take notes and a few photos of spaces, such as the telecom room and riser closets, but never interrupt occupier activity or their space.

Reviewing your building

About 90 days after the on-site review mentioned previously, your team will review the building report. At this stage, your team will learn invaluable insight about your building’s digital infrastructure and connectivity. For example:

  • Is your telecom room as physically secure as it should be?
  • How resilient is the building’s internet in case of a service outage?
  • What capacity does the building have for future improvements?


A server room with wiring

Our Client Success Team will communicate these points to you in a way that is clear, even if you’re unfamiliar with several aspects of the telecommunications industry.

The building report will also include areas of improvement that could potentially elevate a building’s certification level. WiredScore will advise your team on the scope of work for connectivity improvements, making sure to best accommodate your timeline and allocated budget. Our team can also point you to trusted partners in the telecommunications industry to carry out those respective enhancements.

It’s important to remember that WiredScore will not publish your score without your approval. For example, if your building receives a Silver level certification, but after you speak with WiredScore it’s clear you’re an attainable step away from Gold level, your Client Success Manager will help with a plan that raises the certification level to Gold after confirming a commitment to the improvement. Furthermore, you can make improvements to your score at any point within the two-year period, without incurring additional costs.

Finalizing and promoting your certification

The third meeting with your team will be to finalize your building’s score and assist in any marketing and leasing efforts your team would like to participate in. For example, your Client Success Manager can help you share your certification in existing building brochures and websites, create social posts, order a plaque or decal for the building, and more.

Throughout the course of your certification period, which lasts two years before the opportunity for renewal, the WiredScore team will continue to be by your side. Whether it’s reviewing an internet service provider agreement, answering questions from your property management team, or planning for future technologies such as 5G or the Internet of Things, retaining us as your partners goes far beyond initial certification.

The entire process, from building review to certification marketing, is designed to make life easier for our clients. If you would like to speak with a member of the WiredSc ore team, please get in touch using the form below.

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