Industry Insights with Katie Klein. A podcast


6 / 16 / 2022


Industry Insights is the podcast from WiredScore that explores how technology is shaping the future of real estate. In this series, Katie Klein, WiredScore’s North America Country Director, talks to some of the leading thinkers in the industry about the opportunities and challenges technology brings to real-estate owners, today and tomorrow.

Episode 1: Nichole Wiley, and Dave Dyer from Nuveen shed light on how tenant needs have changed post-pandemic in terms of flexibility, sustainability, and technology.

In our first episode of Industry Insights, we speak to two key players of the real estate team in the Global Asset Management Company, Nuveen. The two leading thinkers, Nichole Wiley, and Dave Dyer have 20+ years of experience at the forefront of the changing property landscape and shed light on how tenant needs have changed post-pandemic regarding flexibility, sustainability, and technology.

Discover how flexibility is key in going forward, why sustainability will become a requirement in the future, and how technology is the enabler of it all.

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