Optimizing businesses through technology: ility’s Accredited Solution story


8 / 24 / 2023


A smart building should provide an inspirational, sustainable, cost-efficient and future-ready experience for its occupiers through the use of smart technology.

However, the question then becomes how landlords and developers can deliver this within their portfolio. This is where WiredScore’s Accredited Solution (AS) partners come in. These companies have a proven track record of successful smart building projects, and have been assessed against SmartScore certification’s scorecard.

One such partner is ility, a leading provider of solutions that streamline business and technology complexity in the rapidly evolving world of smart buildings. By automating processes, managing permissions, and integrating with existing systems, ility empowers property owners and operators to optimize their operations and enhance the overall building experience.

Why did ility choose to become an Accredited Solution?

ility made the decision to partner with WiredScore to further validate their functionality as a common data platform. The collaboration offered several other key advantages, including exposure to additional partner solutions, the opportunity to build relationships with WiredScore’s other partners, and the ability to assist existing clients in achieving SmartScore certification.

Data sharing is one of the technological foundations of smart buildings.

What are ility’s areas of excellence?

Individual and collaborative productivity:
Enhances productivity through seamless building journeys

Whether it’s entering the building, navigating to desired locations, or connecting with specific individuals, ility’s platform ensures a superior user experience. By reducing time spent in lifts and streamlining communication, achieving credits in this category greatly benefits both building occupiers and visitors.


ESG+R-compliant building performance for your project

ility plays a pivotal role in enabling sustainable smart buildings. From reporting and optimization, to supporting e-mobility charging infrastructure, achieving credits in this category empowers efficient building operations and helps organizations meet their sustainability goals.


Data sharing:
Connect data to the systems and people who use it

Data sharing is one of the technological foundations of smart buildings. As an Accredited Solution, ility effectively supports data ontology (including properties and relations), aggregation, accessibility, and sharing. This capability enables seamless integration with other systems and ensures that data can be effectively utilized by both people and interconnected systems.

The Accredited Solutions process has not only validated ility as a robust data platform, but has also identified prime use cases for its deployment within large commercial portfolios. By partnering with WiredScore and becoming an Accredited Solution, ility has gained valuable exposure to other AS and ownership partners, fostering opportunities for further growth and collaboration.


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