Your guide to the WiredScore certification for homes v3.1 update


9 / 26 / 2023


With technology and user expectations continuously evolving, how is WiredScore certification for homes continuing to set the standard for technology at home?

We’ve updated our WiredScore certification for homes to v3.1, for both occupied buildings and new developments, utilizing our experience of certifying over 800 million square feet of real estate around the world.


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WiredScore continues to set the global standard

Trends such as hybrid working and the desire for a better, faster service are changing how we design and operate buildings, including our homes. WiredScore certification for homes v3.1 reflects the evolution of resident expectations for technology today.

Enhanced alignment with ESG+R goals

R for Resilience has emerged as the fourth pillar of landlords’ and developers’ ESG+R goals. We’ve strengthened how we assess the resilience of internet infrastructure in the face of emerging risks, such as climate change, and our improved mapping of criteria to ESG+R goals will enable decision makers to make more informed choices around how to achieve their goals.

Increased focus on changing working patterns

When any home can be an office, we’ve enhanced the criteria that deliver a seamless, always-on internet connection in private accommodation, as well as throughout shared amenities.

A framework to promote investment in smart technology

The updated certification recognizes investment in smart building features that deliver an inspirational resident experience. These include smart access, delivery package management, building control systems and energy monitoring applications.

Demystifying technology

In-building technology is increasingly complex. We’ve utilized our experience and knowledge to further demystify what good mobile and internet connectivity means for building owners, investors and residents.

Improved marketing and asset management tools

Our enhanced marketing and asset management tools are designed to give building owners, investors and residents the data and language they need to make informed decisions.

Information made simple

The information we offer has been simplified to better promote investments in technology and smart building features to existing and prospective residents. We have also clarified the mapping between what the scorecard assesses and how those features impact the resident and building operator experience, to enable more informed decision-making.

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