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Getting your building Wired Certified is an easy to manage process. We start with a free and confidential self-reported survey that provides you with an initial rating and work with you to achieve the highest possible certification level.

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Why get certified?

Internet connectivity is important to your tenants. Increasingly, businesses depend on reliable internet to thrive and grow and that's why Wired Certification is so valuable. Wired Certification not only helps tenants find office space that will fit their current and future connectivity needs, it also enables commercial real estate landlords to identify marketable connectivity features to promote best-in-class building connectivity.

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Enhance your reputation

Retain current tenants and attract new ones by building on your reputation as a tenant-focused, tech-forward landlord.

Understand what's under the hood

Your building could have great connectivity features you aren't marketing or there could be simple, low-cost improvements to future-proof your building. We will work with you to identify what's under the hood and increase the quality of your building's connectivity.

Lease faster and reduce vacancy costs

Help tenants make faster leasing decisions by providing all the connectivity information they need. Arm your brokers with easy to understand 'factsheets' that outline the answers to all the questions tenants might have about your building's technology infrastructure.

Differentiate your building from the competition

Differentiate your building from the competition by highlighting the value that's already there. If you already have great technology infrastructure, let prospective tenants know about it.

What does Wired Certification measure?

Our engineers use a point system to determine the level of Wired Certification a building can achieve. Our point system is vetted by industry experts and designed to give credit for building connectivity features that enhance the tenant experience such as...

Ease of internet set up for tenants

We look at the number of internet service providers in the building, as well as access to provider cabling. Both can impact your tenant's ability to receive the bandwidth and competitive pricing that fits their business needs. We also check that executed access agreements are in place with carriers so that tenants can avoid lengthy negotiations and delayed internet set-up.

Protection from internet outages

A building's physical infrastructure can impact how resilient and redundant connections can be. For example, if a building has multiple points of entry where provider cabling enters the building from the street, connection is less likely to be lost in the event of accidental damage by construction. Our engineers look at infrastructure features like this when rating buildings.

Preparation for future technology changes

Buildings that are ready for future connectivity improvements will gain points, even if the buildings rating is low in other areas. Our engineers will examine the current building infrastructure to determine how easily improvements could be made. As part of the Wired Certification process, we provide a checklist of improvements that can be made to improve your buildings overall rating.

What is the process for getting a building certified?

Get in touch with us to get the ball rolling and we will manage the rest of the process. There is no need to hire an external consultant or dedicate a member of your staff to manage the project, It's as simple as steps 1, 2 and 3...

Consult with us

Give us a call or send us an email. We'll help you get the process started to ensure you're providing and promoting your best-in-class connectivity. There's no need to hire a project manager or third-party consultant, WiredScore will work with you to complete the process.

Building assessment

We'll conduct an on-site assessment of your building's connectivity and provide a detailed report on its current state. Highlighting the marketable assets and opportunities for improvement, you'll know just where you stand. If you want to make improvements before your Wired Certification is finalized, we will work with you to facilitate the process and improve your rating.

Promote your Wired Certification

Once your Wired Certification is finalized, you can begin to promote your building's best-in-class internet connectivity. Your dedicated Client Success Manager will help you educate your brokers on the best way to utilize your building's custom fact sheet. You can also integrate your Wired Certification seal and message across all building marketing and PR channels.

There are 5 types of office buildings

Wired Certified buildings are trusted by commercial real estate tenants to provide superior internet connectivity. Buildings that are not Wired Certified may not have the internet connectivity that tenants require for their business to thrive.






Want to learn more? Take a look at "Wired Certification at a Glance"

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Recently Certified Occupied Buildings

Wired Certification applies to projects in various phases of development. Even if you aren’t sure, we can guide you in the right direction.

“Our goal is to provide our tenants with the highest-quality services and infrastructure. Companies require enhanced connectivity to conduct business effectively. That is why we are pleased to be the first company to partner nationally with WiredScore to provide the best service possible for tenants.”

Sara Shank, Beacon Capital Partners

“Getting certified with WiredScore was one of the smoothest processes we’ve been through. We couldn’t be happier. The results speak for themselves.”

Addie Miles, Columbia Property Trust

"We knew achieving Wired Certification was critical to distinguishing Ponce City Market as the property for running and growing a business in Atlanta. Our tenants benefit immensely from our high-quality tech infrastructure."

Michael Phillips, Jamestown

Insights & Resources

Still got questions? Let us help you...

My building is fully leased, do I still need a Wired Certification?

Wired Certification isn’t just about attracting tenants it’s about retaining them too. We will consult with you on making sure your building is future-proofed for your current tenants’ future needs. What’s more, your building’s Wired Certification will reinforce your reputation…

What if my building doesn’t qualify for certification?

We will walk you through a set of questions to help you figure out a preliminary certification level. If your building doesn’t qualify you will receive a detailed roadmap that will guide you towards making the improvements your building needs…

Isn’t this something my riser management company does already?

We work side by side with many riser management companies, who work hard to make sure your building’s telecom offering is top notch. Wired Certification is the outward-facing, international standard that helps properly showcase this work and make it easily…

Can WiredScore help advise us on which ISPs would be best for our building and tenants?

Of course! We have deep relationships within the telecommunications community, and can connect you with the best internet service providers and IT experts in your area.