Connectivity Matters

Connectivity Matters

Wired Certification is a commercial real estate rating scheme that empowers landlords to understand, improve, and promote their buildings' digital infrastructure.

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Why does Wired Certification matter to tenants?

Internet is among the top three most important factors for tenants who are searching for office space, along with cost and location. Until now there has been very little information available to tenants about the quality of internet connectivity in office spaces. Wired Certification provides that transparency and access to information to tenants.

Are tenants leasing space in your building?

Great internet connectivity is core to the tenant experience. There is nothing more frustrating in a work environment than a slow or non-existent internet connection. Wired Certification identifies strong internet connectivity so that tenants can easily benchmark buildings during their office space search.

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Interested in certifying a development project?

Build with the tenant in mind. Working with us will ensure your building is optimised for the connectivity needs of tomorrow’s office. Buildings can achieve Wired Certification during any stage of the development process.

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Read our research report, Manchester: A Connected Future

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Insight and resources

Search our map for certified buildings and connectivity factsheets

It's not easy for agents and tenants to find accurate and detailed information about a building's digital infrastructure. We create downloadable connectivity ‘fact sheets’ for every Wired Certified building in the world. Agents and tenants also use our search function to find Wired Certified buildings in their market and access all of the information about a building's connectivity.

We work with platforms including CoStar and VTS so that Wired Certification achievement is clearly displayed on building profiles.