How WiredScore drives value for property teams


7 / 10 / 2019


Budget season is a time when tough decisions must be made. This is a lot of responsibility for any team as making smart budgeting decisions requires you to be informed about which line items are adding value to your property and tenants. This is where WiredScore is on-hand to help out.

Here are the top three ways WiredScore can drive value for your team:


1. Demonstrate a commitment to technology by future-proofing your building

Are you committed to keeping your office asset up to date with the latest advances in technology? A WiredScore certified building is the ultimate measure of a modern and well-connected building. During the WiredScore certification process, and upon renewal of the certification every two years, our team of building technology experts will:

  • Execute a comprehensive analysis of your property’s digital readiness and advise on where to invest accordingly, based on where your competitors in the market have made improvements.
  • Help you to prepare for emerging technology and future advancements by ensuring your investments will be compatible with future technology, like 5G and smart building devices.
  • Manage coordination and procurement of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as needed and answer your team’s questions around which improvements will support the best experience for new and current tenants.


2. Brand your property as tech-forward to support leasing

Show prospective tenants that you are a future-looking ownership group with a digitally-advanced asset. A WiredScore certification is the clear way to position your building ahead of your competition. Tenants are much more likely to commit to long leases if they are confident their office of choice will continue to meet their evolving technology needs, year after year.

Plus, independent research from CoStar’s Portfolio Strategy Group found that WiredScore certified buildings can command up to $7.50/sq. ft. in extra rent compared to non-WiredScore certified properties.


3. Improve tenant experience with WiredScore Connect

From your first fiber installation to your latest lease signing, we will help your building and your tenants get connected. For tenants, choosing the right ISP and plan for their business is a time consuming and complicated process. Positioned at the intersection of telecom and real estate, our team of experts is uniquely qualified to translate tenant requirements into the best service option for their company.

Our concierge service, WiredScore Connect*, helps tenants discover and compare internet service packages. We will also negotiate competitive rates from all the providers to get your tenants the best prices and save them the hassle of dealing with ISPs.

Without proper oversight, an ISP installation can be a major headache for property managers. If your tenants leverage our team to procure internet, we will work with the ISP to facilitate an improved order and installation process. Let us take the weight and worry off your shoulders.

*WiredScore Connect is currently available in the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland

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