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4 / 27 / 2022


Looking for ways to provide a premium office experience for your prospective and current tenants? WiredScore Connect takes the headache out of the internet purchasing process, boosts tenant satisfaction and facilitates a highly desirable plug-and-play experience.

What is WiredScore Connect?

  • WiredScore Connect is an internet purchasing service that commercial real estate owners and managers can offer to their tenants.

  • With WiredScore Connect, tenants can purchase internet and other connectivity packages directly through WiredScore, allowing them to experience a more seamless move-in experience.

  • WiredScore Connect enables tenants/developers to compare and purchase base-building internet services directly through WiredScore.

WiredScore Connect. The six simple steps:

Make the most of WiredScore Connect. Get in touch and start the process today.

Make the most of WiredScore Connect. Get in touch and start the process today.

  1. Contact
    The tenant reaches out to the WiredScore Connect team, either via [email protected] or the website form, to begin the internet purchasing process.

  2. Details
    The WiredScore Connect team contacts the tenant for more details on their connectivity needs (i.e. internet type, bandwidth, need for a Managed Router, etc).

    The WiredScore Connect team then contacts each Internet Service Provider (ISP) supplying the property for internet service quotes (the team will also engage with ISPs not already serving the property upon request).

  4. Comparison
    All quotes are then presented to the tenant in one single deliverable, so the tenant can compare all packages and select the best one.

  5. Sign
    The WiredScore Connect team then provides the internet contract for the selected ISP for the tenant to review and execute. Note: the contract is signed with the ISP directly, not with WiredScore.

  6. Installation
    Once the contract has been signed, an Implementation Specialist from the WiredScore Connect team is assigned to the internet installation to assist the tenant in project management for a seamless installation.

** Note: in the case of developments, it is the developer who reaches out to WiredScore Connect, not the tenant.


How can tenants access the service?

It’s important that tenants are thinking about internet service shortly after signing their lease for a new office, so it is encouraged that WiredScore Connect be advertised in the tenant move-in materials that are shared with all newly signed and existing tenants.

Tenants can use the WiredScore Connect product by either emailing [email protected] or inputting their information in the request form on the WiredScore Connect web page. A member of the WiredScore team will then be in touch to begin the process.

Where is WiredScore Connect offered?

WiredScore Connect is currently offered in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland and is bundled as a product with the WiredScore Office certification only.

Why is WiredScore Connect beneficial?

WiredScore Connect is beneficial for tenants occupying WiredScore certified buildings, as well as the companies who own and manage them.

Value to tenants:

– Get the right service package for your business through transparent pricing and consultation on internet requirements.

– Avoid the time consuming and complicated internet procurement process by letting WiredScore Connect interact with the ISP on your behalf.

Value to Landlords, Property Managers, and Real Estate Developers:

– Create an enhanced tenant move-in experience by offering this concierge service to new tenants.

– Reduce effort for your property management team by letting WiredScore Connect act as an intermediary between the ISP and the tenant.

– For new developments, you’ve ensured that base-building internet connections will be brought to your development in an efficient and timely manner.

Is there a cost associated with WiredScore Connect?

No, WiredScore Connect is a complementary product that is bundled with the WiredScore Office Certification. There are no additional fees incurred by WiredScore Connect clients.

Is WiredScore Connect just for occupied buildings? Or can developments benefit too?

WiredScore Connect is offered for both occupied buildings and developments. On the occupied front, tenants in WiredScore certified buildings can purchase internet services for their new or current office.

On the development side, CRE developers can purchase base-building internet directly through WiredScore, which will then be installed to power a lot of the operational building systems, such as HVAC, Life Safety systems, Elevator Lines, Security Lines, etc.

Who has already benefited?

WiredScore Connect has already engaged with over 150 tenants globally.

iPhone 12 WiredScore Connect

Tenants love the service so much that it’s been incorporated in building apps for ease of use, making WiredScore Connect as accessible and clear as possible.

WiredScore Connect helped us secure an upgraded internet service at a discounted rate by bundling service with our new provider at one of our additional offices. Our team couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the WiredScore Connect service!


Tenant at 100 Park Avenue

Many thanks, very easy experience getting set up thanks to WiredScore.


Tenant at 183 Madison Avenue

Thanks for all of your help coordinating this.


Tenant at Ballston Exchange

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