Your guide to the SmartScore certification v2 update


8 / 15 / 2023


We have updated our SmartScore certification to include the latest advancements to in-building smart technologies.

SmartScore certification has had an update, for both new developments and occupied buildings. We utilized our experience of certifying over 100 million square feet of real estate around the world with SmartScore, to optimize your certification experience.

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Continuing to set the global standard

Since launching SmartScore certification in 2021, we have seen a shift from a building- to portfolio-level implementation of smart technology. SmartScore certification v2 ensures that we continue to set the global standard for in-building smart technology, reflecting the maturation of the smart building market. The updated certification is built on insights from industry experts; landlords, occupiers, Accredited Professionals, Accredited Solution partners, and other third parties, from around the world.

Greater emphasis on ROI

The macroeconomic climate is putting strain on budgets, forcing the consolidation of investment into core smart features that truly drive value. In v2, we have streamlined the SmartScore scorecard, allowing landlords to deliver a higher return on the metrics that matter most to their occupiers and investors.

Enhanced alignment with ESG+R goals

Smart building technology is a critical enabler for landlords to meet their increasingly ambitious ESG+R objectives and external legislative pressures. SmartScore certification v2 further leans into this with the inclusion of criteria related to embodied and operational carbon, and by rewarding the provision of ESG+R data to occupiers.

Recognition of the importance of data management and cybersecurity

Data management and cybersecurity best practices play an evermore critical role in smart building outcomes. In SmartScore certification v2, we have improved our assessment of systems integration, data ownership and management policies, and cybersecurity practices. These changes will create safer and more resilient buildings.

Improving deliverability

SmartScore certification v2 draws on feedback from our diverse global network to enhance the certification process, without compromising our unwavering commitment to quality standards. The updates will enable buildings to be scored more efficiently and effectively, while still unlocking the full potential of the certification.

Increased focus on implementation

Technology in real estate has matured and landlords now need to rapidly implement smart building technology at scale to respond to occupiers’ expectations and demands. We’ve simplified the structure of the certification and have added improved features to enable landlords and developers to find the right smart solution providers to meet their needs. As a result, SmartScore certification v2 will enable the industry to design, build and retrofit smart buildings better and faster.

Seamless journey from WiredScore to SmartScore certification

We have repositioned the relationship between WiredScore and SmartScore certifications to provide a better experience for all stakeholders. The criteria within the SmartScore scorecard is now optimized to build on, as opposed to overlap with, the WiredScore certification scorecard.

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