Your guide to the WiredScore certification for offices v3.1 update


8 / 15 / 2023


How have we evolved WiredScore certification for offices to meet advances in technology and user expectations?

We’ve updated our WiredScore certification for offices to v3.1, for both new developments and occupied buildings, utilizing our experience of certifying over 800 million square feet of real estate around the world to optimize your certification experience, guidance and tools.

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Setting the global standard

WiredScore certification for offices v3.1 continues to set the global standard for digital connectivity in commercial real estate. The update covers the latest advances to in-building technology, making sure that certified assets remain resilient and relevant for modern workplace needs. We’ve consolidated insights from our diverse, global community of industry experts; landlords, occupiers, Accredited Professionals (APs), and other third parties. The updated standard educates the wider real estate industry on how to adapt to ever-changing technology trends.

Enhanced alignment with ESG+R goals

Resilience has emerged as the fourth pillar of ESG, transforming it into ESG+R. WiredScore certification for offices v3.1 promotes the use of cleaner sources of back-up power, and rewards future-ready building and policy design to create more resilient assets.

Increased focus on changing working patterns

The role of the office has been transformed by the rise of hybrid working patterns. Users expect seamless connectivity throughout their office, from the parking lot to shared desk areas, elevators to meeting rooms. We’ve updated our Wi-Fi and mobile criteria to enable the delivery of spaces that promote productivity and collaboration within the workplace.

Recognition of innovations in occupier experience

Our updated innovation credits framework guides clients on how to move beyond providing great technology infrastructure, to deliver and monitor building performance and drive exceptional occupier experiences.

Improving deliverability

WiredScore certification for offices v3.1 streamlines the certification process, without compromising our unwavering commitment to quality standards. This enables buildings to become certified more efficiently and effectively, while still unlocking the full potential of the certification.

Streamline development and occupied scorecards

We’ve streamlined our development and occupied scorecards for offices to enable a smoother transition from assessing building design to building performance.

Updated guidelines

We have updated our criteria-level guidance using feedback from landlords, APs and WiredScore technology experts. We are optimizing our certification assessment tools, including how internet service providers are scored to promote transparency for all users.

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