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Optimise design during the planning and construction of your development project, avoid future retro-fit costs for tomorrow’s office, attract tenants and enhance the reputation of your building.

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Why get Wired Certified?

Internet connectivity is essential to the tenant experience in office buildings. The trend towards smart building technology means that commercial real estate developers must plan for the future. That's why Wired Certification is so valuable. Building to Wired Certification standards ensures your development or redevelopment is tech-forward and ready for the next generation of business tenants.

Get Wired Certified

Avoid future retrofit costs for next-generation technology

Incorporate our cutting-edge design specifications into your project so that your asset is constructed for the changing technology needs of tenants now and tomorrow.

Optimise building design process

Provide your architects and engineers with clear guidelines for digital infrastructure planning and design that are currently employed by the top global developers.

Attract tenants

Signify to prospective tenants that the building will be constructed to support their current and future needs. Demonstrate your understanding that digital connectivity is core to the tenant experience.

Enhance building reputation

Enhance your building's reputation as a future-proofed asset; Wired Certification provides 3rd party verification that is synonymous with tech-forward design and build. Position your asset from the outset as a market leader in digital connectivity, boosting the potential for improved income, tenant profile and asset value.

What is the process for getting a building Wired Certified?

Getting a development or redevelopment Wired Certified is a straightforward 3 step process and once achieved, a buildings’ Wired Certification level is valid for 2 years or until the building is 2/3rds full. Start by getting in touch with us to set up a meeting and we will walk you through the process. We do all of the heavy lifting to ensure that getting certified is as straightforward as possible.

Connect with us:

Give us a call or send us an email. We will then tell you about our scorecard and address any questions or concerns you have about the digital connectivity planning for your development or redevelopment project.

Coordinate an assessment:

We'll review your building's schematics and provide a detailed report on the planned telecom and connectivity infrastructure to highlight marketable assets and opportunities for improvement. Our engineers will work with your team from design to occupation, including an in-person assessment at Practical Completion, to ensure you are bringing a best-in-class building to the market.

Certify your building

Once your Wired Certification level has been achieved, you can begin to promote your building's best-in-class internet connectivity. Your dedicated Client Success Manager will work with you to ensure your leasing and marketing teams are getting the most out of your custom collateral. You can also integrate your Wired Certification seal and message across all building marketing and PR channels.

Certification Levels






Manchester: A Connected Future

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Recently Wired Certified Developments and Redevelopments

Wired Certification applies to projects in various phases of development, from refurbishment projects to buildings which have not yet broken ground. Read about our recently Wired Certified Development and Redevelopment buildings here.

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When is the best time to get certified?

As early in the process as you can to enable your team to utilise your certification while pre-leasing. We engage with teams in every stage of the development process, from pre-schematics design to occupation. We can issue your certification based…

What happens if we make improvements after the certification is finalised?

Keep our team informed about any building improvements that could enhance the connectivity infrastructure in your building. We’ll review the updates and adjust your Wired Certification if you have qualified for a higher level at no cost.