We’re becoming a B Corp


3 / 15 / 2021


What is a B Corp?

Simply put, a B Corp is a business committed to doing things the better way. Built around the vision to create “a global economy that uses business as a force for good”, certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

An American dream that became a global trend, the B Corporation began life in 2015 in the states, and the likes of Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s were some of the first to rise to the challenge.

Today, there are over 3500 B Corps operating in over 70 countries worldwide, and WiredScore is proud to be joining this group of forward thinking companies.

Why it matters to WiredScore:

B Corp isn’t just a nice-to-have badge, becoming a B Corp means that WiredScore is doing more than most to be the best business possible – best for its staff, the wider community and the environment.

In joining the growing ranks of progressive companies pursuing the Certified B Corp status, we’re demonstrating our commitment to maintaining high social and environmental standards.

For WiredScore, Certified B Corp status is a reflection of our overall social mission to generate a healthier environment, create stronger communities, and provide high quality jobs with purpose. B Corp certifies the broader importance of our work, as we strive to lessen the digital divide, to provide businesses with the better-connected environments in which they can flourish and prosper, and bring greater levels of digital connectivity to all corners of society, because we know that a well-connected world is a better world.

WiredScore’s commitment to becoming a B Corp shows that we’re 100% dedicated to creating and maintaining a diverse, dynamic and supportive working environment.

The people within our company are the lifeblood of our operation, and committing to B Corp status proves to our staff of today, and tomorrow, that we’re a business with their best interests at heart.

Lydia Beach

People OPs Manager

What B Corp means for WiredScore’s future:

As B Corp status has to be renewed every two years, WiredScore will be kept regularly accountable to a stringent set of business standards, as we continue to formally recognise that WiredScore exists to benefit a much wider set of stakeholders than just our shareholders.

Already, scoring ourselves against the B Corp standards has brought areas for improvement to light. So far, we’ve achieved a net zero carbon footprint in 2020 – an achievement spurred on by our dedication to meeting the high sustainability expectations as set by the B Corporation. 

B Corp status brings more responsibility to assess all aspects of business practice, and that means taking a closer look at our suppliers too. In light of this, we’ve set about assessing our external suppliers to source more sustainable materials for our collateral. We’re also keen to support smaller, local businesses to avoid shipping goods unnecessarily long distances and ensure that we’re working with businesses also committed to doing things the better way.

Alongside our commercial ambitions, WiredScore should also strive to reach the highest social and environmental standards. This includes thinking carefully about how our decisions impact our team, our clients, our suppliers and the broader community in which we operate – because we want to be more than a great company; we want to be a good company too.

William Newton

WiredScore President

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