What do New York City’s most innovative buildings have in common?


2 / 20 / 2020


New York City is home to some of the most innovative buildings in the world. Far from being just architectural marvels – though many are – they are also known for their extreme functionality. They almost have to be.

New York City (NYC) is the center of many industries and sectors and packs so many people in that buildings in great locations with extreme usability are at a high premium. These buildings must appeal to top-tier tenants by providing the features those tenants require to succeed.

The commercial real estate market in NYC is cutting edge in many ways. A lot of buildings have unique technological features that are meant to increase their attractiveness to potential buyers or tenants. They are taking steps to ensure the features of the building are aligned with what modern companies look for in an office space.

But what exactly are these state-of-the-art havens of innovation doing to make them more attractive to prospective tenants? And what mechanisms are the proprietors of those buildings using to show these top-tier tenants what they have to offer?

Let us take a look at how some of New York’s most forward-leaning spaces have chosen to show tenants they possess one of the most important features of all: fast and reliable digital connectivity.


What are some examples of New York City’s most innovative developments?
To get some perspective on the NYC commercial real estate market, let’s take a closer look at examples of three developments which have been developed relatively recently. They are representative of the “new normal” in New York commercial real estate. These buildings contain work and office spaces that are aesthetically pleasing while also serving a whole host of functions.


Dock 72
An image of the Dock 72 building as seen from the water. The frontage is mainly glass with a metal frame with a terraced layout.

Located on the waterfront, Dock 72 is “the home of 21st-century manufacturing in the digital age – a laboratory for the production of ideas and innovation.” Built with office infrastructure in mind, the 675,000 sq. ft. development is designed to give its occupants stunning skyline views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The building boasts access from both land and water. It has 18,000 sq. ft. of private terraces meant to encourage an indoor-outdoor working environment.

Beyond the appealing aesthetics, Dock 72 boasts future-forward innovations like a mobile app that expedites processes like building access, conference center booking, food delivery and transit updates that prepare tenants for whatever NYC throws at them. Despite its large size, the development has Wi-Fi throughout its common areas that ensures connectivity. Dock 72 was designed to WiredScore Certified Platinum specifications, supporting this central network and maximising internet resilience.


The Hall

A view of the entrance to The Hall, Brooklyn from the outside
The Hall, Brooklyn, bills itself as a “neighborhood within a neighborhood.” Nestled within the three Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and DUMBO, The Hall’s infrastructure consists of ten buildings. It is an entire block that has access to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Unlike Dock 72’s single building, it seeks to inspire more of a campus-like feel.

With the 10 buildings surrounding a central Main Street Plaza, The Hall aims to garner a community feel and has already made connectivity an focus with a WiredScore Gold certification.


390 Madison

The outside of 390 Madison Avenue. A high-rise building that's mostly windows next to a main road.
With JP Morgan as an anchor tenant and a central location in the heart of bustling Midtown Manhattan, 390 Madison had to bring best in class connectivity and tech from the onset. The building includes a carrier-neutral Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to boost cell reception and a fiber backbone, which will be able to help serve tenants as part of a smart building system in the future.

While those two features highlight the WiredScore Platinum Certified building’s digital infrastructure, there are additional attributes that make this structure first-class. 390 Madison has diverse points of entry for connectivity cabling on either side of the building, sufficient riser space to accommodate tenant needs, a backup generator in case of emergency and a dedicated telecom room. All of these measures amount to a development that tenants can trust will serve their needs for not only today, but the future as well.

What do those developments have in common? 
More than perhaps any other city, New York City commercial real estate has to look and feel impressive while also satisfying its tenants needs for enhanced digital connectivity.

Dock 72, The Hall and 390 Madison have multiple things in common that make them attractive to higher profile clients that rely heavily on technology. One of the most important traits that they share? An emphasis on strong, resilient digital connectivity and tech-readiness.

Think of some of  the big tech companies that have carved out a home in New York City – Facebook, Google, Apple and many other big names. A connection to the internet flows through their companies like a lifeblood. That is why buildings like the ones above are offering increased levels of connectivity to match new levels of technological sophistication.

How have these buildings chosen to demonstrate their commitment to connectivity?They have all achieved a WiredScore Certification to Gold or Platinum level.

What is WiredScore Certification? 
WiredScore Certification is a service operated by WiredScore. It is a globally recognized digital connectivity rating system for commercial real estate. The system assists landlords in promoting the strong digital connectivity present in their properties. This is a key factor for tenants with a focus on technology. While many of these buildings have state-of-the-art designs and other fine features, the WiredScore Certification can be thought of as its “digital report card”, proving a facility’s worth as functional office space for companies that rely on fast and effective digital connectivity.

The three aforementioned buildings are not the only ones who are certified. To date, over 2,000 structures that makeup over half a billion sq. ft. use WiredScore Certification as evidence of their building’s superior internet capabilities.

The bottom line is that, when promoting your building, you need to consider the needs of your tenants to maximize the attention and value you receive in return for it. To do this, you should have what those tenants need. With a WiredScore Certification you can demonstrate to your tenants that you have at least one facility the will definitely need: a reliable and strong internet service.

Discover the details of our WiredScore and SmartScore certifications here and find out how occupiers prioritize digital connectivity.

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