Your September product round-up


9 / 30 / 2022


This post will be the first of many, as we start to bring you regular updates around new and exciting product launches, new product features, and how our certifications evolve as building technology progresses.

What has excited us most over the last few months is the confirmation that both WiredScore and SmartScore are now recognized by GRESB, the ESG+R reporting framework used by landlords and developers globally. This has been the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people at WiredScore and is exciting as we continue supporting you with your ESG+R ambitions.

We have also been working on developing a series of guides and reports to help you navigate through your smart building journey, launched a pre-certification designation, allowing you to promote your developments earlier than ever before, and gave our fact sheet and benchmark report a facelift. In other news, if you’re a landlord or developer in the UK and Ireland, you can now help your occupiers procure their internet quicker and easier with WiredScore Connect.

Read on to find out more.

ESG+R accreditations

In-building technology, underpinned by great connectivity, is a critical pillar of any ESG+R strategy. Technology allows you to measure and report on progress as well as optimize the performance of your buildings, as per the image below.


We have therefore been working with the leading ESG+R agencies to align WiredScore and SmartScore and we’re pleased that we now have in principle alignment with both LEED and WELL, and recognition by GRESB that both WiredScore and SmartScore are Green Building Certifications. This means that both certifications can qualify against both the ‘Performance’ and ‘Development’ parts of the GRESB assessment as part of your submissions.

Get your occupiers online with WiredScore Connect and the bandwidth calculator

We rolled out our occupier internet purchasing service to the UK and Ireland. We’ve offered this with great success in North America for several years, but after signing a partnership with Lightyear earlier this year, we’re excited to be able to offer this in the UK and Ireland as well.

What is WiredScore Connect? WiredScore Connect is a concierge service for commercial real estate owners and managers to assist office occupiers with internet procurement, creating a more seamless move-in experience. WiredScore Connect also enables you as developers to purchase base-building internet services directly through WiredScore. The service typically saves occupiers 75% of the time and 25% of the cost of procuring internet service providers themselves.

In addition, we have also launched a new online calculator to estimate the bandwidth needs of an office occupier. Whether you are trying to help a business move into your building or an existing occupier is looking to check if their current internet is sufficient for new ways of working, we can help. Just share the link!

Promote your building earlier in the certification process: Pre-certification designation

Over the summer, we launched a brand new pre-certification designation for both WiredScore and SmartScore developments.

The new pre-certification designation allows you to showcase your commitment to being a leader in connectivity and in-building technology to prospective occupiers, all whilst your development project is going through the certification process.

You can find out more here.

A smart buildings cost report 

Have you ever wondered what the indicative costs associated with smart building technology are?

Well, WiredScore found out. We conducted a study to provide approximate costs associated with implementing a smart building so that you get a high-level understanding of the potential surplus development spend when working on your smart building project.

You’ll learn about:

  1. The construction CapEx for a smart vs. non-smart building
  2. The price associated with a smart building package and base-build modifications
  3. The price of the various smart building systems needed to deliver smart building functionality
  4. The cost ranges for smart buildings with different levels of functionality as per the SmartScore framework

Click here to access the report.

Cybersecurity guide

To help you navigate the challenges of drafting and implementing a cyber security policy, and how your policy can serve as evidence for your SmartScore certification, we have released a comprehensive cyber security guide to guide you through:

  • What a smart building cyber security policy is and why it’s important
  • The key steps and considerations for a smart building cyber security policy
  • How your cyber security policy can serve as evidence for your SmartScore certification

Click here to access the guide. 

Helping you compare to your peers: WiredScore Office Benchmark report, fact sheet, and building report

We have given our fact sheet and building report a facelift so that you digest the information easier. This includes estimated costs and time estimates to help you prioritize the right improvements. Get in touch with your Client Success Manager to get a copy of your fact sheet.

In addition, we have released an improved benchmark report so that you can see how your building compares to others in the local area, where you are ahead of the market and you should shout about it, and where you need to invest to bring your building up to standard.

What’s next?

In addition to our recent updates, we continue to keep evolving our products and launch new features to help you get the most out of your certification and commitment to WiredScore.

Stay tuned to hear more about an extension to your WiredScore certification that will enable portfolio-wide clients to get maximum brand value, understand exactly what the status is across their buildings and a much-anticipated update to our Neighborhood certification, and much much more!

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