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When is the best time to get my development project certified?

Get certified as early in the process as you can and enable your team to utilize Wired Certification while pre-leasing. We engage with teams in every stage of the development process, from pre-schematics design to occupation. We can issue your certification based on the plans for the building, without needing to wait for construction to begin. Engaging with us earlier will provide as much advanced notice as possible to make desired design improvements, which can save money. It’s never too early to start engaging with WiredScore.

Can I get a development Wired Certified before construction begins?

Yes! We engage with teams in every stage of the development process, from pre-schematics design to occupation. We can issue our certification based on the plans for the building, without needing to wait for construction to begin. This will enable your team to utilize our certification while pre-leasing. It’s never too early or too late to start engaging with WiredScore.

What happens if we make improvements after the certification is finalized?

Keep our team informed about any building improvements that could enhance the connectivity infrastructure in your building. We’ll review the updates and adjust your Wired Certification if you have qualified for a higher level at no cost.

How are the levels of Wired Certification defined?

Wired Certified Platinum means a building is best in class across all features of connectivity that matter most to tenants: number and quality of internet service providers, redundancy and resiliency of telecom infrastructure, ease of installation and capacity to readily support new telecom services. The building can support current and future tenants with the most stringent technology requirements.

Wired Certified Gold means a building provides tenants with access to multiple high-quality internet service providers and a variety of cabling types including fiber. The infrastructure measures in place ensure connectivity sources are protected, redundant, and prepared for connectivity needs of future tenants as well.

Wired Certified Silver guarantees that fiber connectivity is available in the building as well as choice of internet service providers to support diverse connections. Infrastructure in place will ensure connectivity is protected and secure. The building can deliver the connectivity needed for today’s tenants.

Wired Certified means that measures have been taken to reduce the risk of connectivity loss and interruption. The building can support current tenant connectivity needs with confidence.

I’m a landlord and I’d like to get Wired Certified, but I don’t think my building will score very well. What do I do?

The first step is to talk to a WiredScore expert. This consultation is free, confidential, and there is no obligation to move forward.

If you are interested in upgrading your building’s certification level, we will work with you behind the scenes to improve the connectivity of your building so that you are comfortable going to market and not showcasing a poorly connected building.

Is there a fee for Wired Certification?

Yes, building owners pay a fee for certification based on building size.

My landlord is not sharing any useful information about internet connectivity. What can I do?

Email WiredScore and tell us about your experience. The WiredScore team will notify your landlord that a current or prospective tenant is eager for them to join the program and share about their building’s capabilities.

Are all buildings eligible to achieve Wired Certification?

Today, only commercial office buildings and industrial buildings are eligible for certification. This includes existing buildings as well as those in development or redevelopment. Building types include: multi-tenant office buildings, single-tenant office buildings, corporate facilities, government buildings, medical office buildings, multi-use/mixed-use buildings.

What can I expect to find in buildings with different Wired Certification levels?

All Wired Certified buildings meet our minimum standards for connectivity, which means that a commercial tenant can expect to gain access to internet services that meet normal business requirements. Higher Certification levels such as Platinum and Gold excel in areas that impact a tenant’s ability to access to the best broadband possible to support their business: carrier choice, physical distribution of fiber, cleanliness and security of infrastructure, and redundancy.

How do you confirm the accuracy of connectivity data?

Buildings that achieve Wired Certification undergo a thorough building review by a team of accredited technicians to validate the accuracy and completeness of the connectivity data. Unfortunately, data displayed for non-certified buildings is not validated or vetted by the WiredScore team, and therefore it may not be accurate. Ask your landlords to get Wired Certified!

I’m interested in the connectivity of a specific building. What if I can’t find it on your website?

Send us an email at! We will reach out to the owners of your targeted building and do our best to get you the answers you need.

Is participation in Wired Certification mandatory for landlords?

No. Although WiredScore has great relationships with city governments and agencies, Wired Certification is opt-in only and will not be legislated. Participating landlords voluntarily provide information about the broadband in their buildings.

How long is Wired Certification valid for?

Wired Certification for an Occupied Building is valid for a 2 year period. Wired Certification for Developments and Redevelopments is valid for a 2 year period or until the building reaches 2/3 occupancy, whichever occurs later. Building owners can apply to renew certification and the WiredScore engineers will return to your building to perform another review.

Can WiredScore help advise us on which ISPs would be best for our building and tenants?

Of course! We have deep relationships within the telecommunications community, and can connect you with the internet service providers and IT experts that best suit your building.

How long does it take to get Wired Certified?

The process from start to finish takes between 45 and 60 days, and the WiredScore team will do all of the heavy lifting! For occupied buildings, clients complete a short preliminary survey and work with our engineers to walk the building. For Developments and Redevelopments, our engineering team will review your schematics to ensure you are designing to our certification specifications. We can then issue your certification based on the results of our onsite review or schematics review.

What is Wired Certification?

Wired Certification is an official set of standards for evaluating the connectivity of office buildings. The standards were developed and approved by the New York City Economic Development Corporation and The WiredScore Connectivity Advisory Committee consisting of leaders from tech, telecom, and real estate firms such as Google, Cisco, WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff, eBay, Spectrum, Rudin Management, Arup, and the Telecommunications Industry Association.

My building is fully leased, do I still need a Wired Certification?

Congratulations on having a fully leased building! Ensure your tenants will re-sign at the end of their lease by demonstrating your commitment to investing in their current and future needs. Wired Certification helps landlords promote great digital connectivity and identify ways to make improvements for the future.

What if my building doesn’t qualify for certification?

We will walk you through a set of questions to help you figure out a preliminary certification level. If your building doesn’t qualify you will receive a detailed road-map that will help you make the improvements your building needs.

Isn’t this something my riser management company does already?

We work side by side with many riser management companies, who work hard to make sure your building’s telecom offering is best-in-class. Wired Certification is the outward-facing, international standard that helps properly showcase this work.