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Meet your fellow APs who are making the world's buildings smarter and better connected using their WiredScore and SmartScore accreditations. Check out our blog series and get inspired by their stories.
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Our community is active in 30 countries across North America, Europe and APAC.

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It’s time to tell your network about your achievement! Add your accreditations to your LinkedIn profile and plan how you’ll promote your new AP services on your website, through a newsletter, or in the press.

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Now you have passed your accreditation, our AP experts are on hand to ensure your accreditation delivers for you. Use the links on the right-hand side to book a call with your in-market BD representative today.

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  • Market insights for your region from one of our local experts
  • How to effectively promote your accreditation to prospective clients
  • Advice on any current certification opportunities you're pursuing
  • Next steps for engaging with new clients in your market
  • Get answers to any other questions you may have about your accreditation or selling best practices

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Nikolai Sekula – AP Program

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Merle Aldegarmann – Certification projects

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Rest of Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland)

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Singapore, Thailand & Hong Kong


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Looking to refresh your knowledge of our certifications? Check out the resources below to ensure you’re delivering maximum value to your clients.


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In-depth guidelines on each certification

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